Mrs, Deena & Andrew V.

I highly recommend Suraya to anyone looking to buy or sell their home. We were unsure of selling our home and decided to price our home HIGH. To our surprise, it sold quickly AND then we were homeless. As I became worried, Suraya assured me everything would be okay. She spent all hours of the night helping our family to find the perfect home. We surprisingly fell in love with a home that was one day on the market. We were pretty sure that we weren’t going to get this home since the market was hot, especially for the turnkey homes. To our surprise, Suraya worked closely with the listing agent and our offer was accepted.
We have been in our home for less than one month and and purchased for 825,000. This past week, a home with the same square footage on our street was listed for over one million dollars. Knowing that the prices are skyrocketing helps us to know that we made the right decision in buying this beautiful home! Suraya is a great agent that takes care of your family!